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“The best thing we did was let people try out ideas, and when we saw [good ideas], grab onto them and hold onto them.”

Drew Murray, Game Director ‘Sunset Overdrive’

“The basic idea is to get the game up and running as soon as possible in its crudest possible form.” – Phil Robb, Turtle Rock Creative Director

The basic idea…

It was not the Hollywood triple-A top-down script thing where you spend months scripting out a game design, the art style, you spend years implementing before you can try it out, and if it sucks, well, you hope it wasn’t your money. It was all about an interactive design. You want to start with a minimum playable design, play it, improve it and repeat until a fun game can evolve – which could be completely different from what you intended.”

Eugene Jarvis on making Robotron: 2084

It’s fantastic to have a game where everyone on the team is involved with multiple aspects of the game; we’re already a team of generalists, with designer-artists and programmer-designers and the like, but the small team fosters an environment where everyone gets intrinsically involved in everyone else’s business, and I think it made for a better game.

Q&A: Hearthstone‘s small-team success at big-time Blizzard

Eric Dodds on Hearthstone Development