I’ve been working in the games industry for nearly a decade, primarily as a Gameplay Engineer but my knowledge and experience cross both Game Design and Production as disciplines. You can learn more about me academically and professionally via LinkedIn.

My passion for making videogames started at the tender age of eight when I first realized that you could make your own games. I would spend hours tinkering with my Spectrum and even wrote out programs long hand on paper during family holidays. Whilst growing up I made maps and mods for the likes of Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Unreal Tournament and many other games. I also ran one of the Planet sites for Gamespy in an age where community management was something the community did itself! Outside of work I tinker a lot with small games projects, mostly creating them in Unity, look after my new family and ski obsessively.

The focus of this blog will be more about making games rather than engineering. My primary interest is in the ‘how’ of making a game from game design through to project management.

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